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It's the ultimate summer job

Be an ambassador for your home country! As a camp counselor you need to have a positive outgoing personality as  a role model, guide, cheerleader to your campers and peers. As an ambassador for your home country you must be eager to share your knowledge and skills you have gained in your country.

You will be in charge of leading day-to-day activities, and helping campers have their best day ever!  You need to be patient, have a good sense of humor, adaptable, flexible, able to teach or lead campers in a variety of activities and have prior experience working with or caring for children.
Supervision, safety and well-being of your campers along with commitment and lots of positive energy will make you a successful candidate. You will be responsible for your campers 24 hours a day.


Camp placements usually last between 8 and 10 weeks but may last up to 15 weeks. All participants receive a small stipend plus room and board for the duration of the camp season. Stipends are based on 63 days of work. You will receive additional compensation per day worked if you work more than 63 days.

 You may begin the camp program starting as early as May 15th and ending as late as September 15th. You will coordinate your exact dates with your camp director. Counselors tend to arrive a few days early to go through staff orientation and training before the campers arrive. This gives you time to bond with other counselors and get accustomed to life at camp! After your last day of work, you will be allowed 30 days of travel within the U.S.

your roles and responsibilities


General Counselor

As a general counselor, you are more directly involved with your group of campers than anyone else. You sleep in the same area, eat at the same table and go everywhere together. What you do and say, the way you act and how you care for your campers will have a huge impact on their summer. Remember that your campers will not have parents or teachers to serve as role models during their time at camp. Instead, they will look to you to act as a teacher, parent and role model. As a result, you will have a deep and lasting effect on the lives of your campers.

Since you become the role model for your campers, you need to recognize that they will start to behave like you do. If you are not enthusiastic about an activity, your campers probably will not be either. Therefore, it is very important that you have a lot of energy and a good attitude for everything you do at camp, from arts and crafts to the food to waking up early in the morning.

Activities Counselor

As an activities counselor, it is your responsibility to plan, organize and teach one or more specific activity area. The camp administrators will look to you to teach this skill to a large number of children. Usually, you will spend most of your time at your specialty area, teaching different children from various age groups. These activities will last approximately one hour per group and you will have several groups coming to your activity each day. In some camps, you may work only as an activities counselor. In others, you will have general counselor responsibilities part of the time and activity responsibilities the rest of the time. Be flexible!




These stipends are all based on a nine-week (63-day) schedule.



(Self-purchased flight)


(Flight purchased by camp )

18 - 20$1,600 $900
21 and over$1,750$1,050

If your placement lasts longer, you’ll be paid an additional $30 for each additional day you work. And remember, your camp will also provide you with free housing and meals while you’re at camp!




Camp Counselors must be:
  • Sufficiently proficient in the English language to supervise and interact with American youth;
  • A foreign post-secondary student, youth worker, teacher or individual with specialized skills; and
  • At least 18-years-old.


$500Facilitator & Program Fee
$35SEVIS fee
$165Insurance fee
$160US Embassy visa fee
Other cost 
 Airline ticket
 Police Clearance




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