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U.S. State Department's guidelines for host employers are required

  • Sign a completed Form DS–7002 – Training/Internship Placement Plan (T/IPP) to verify that all placements are appropriate and consistent with the objectives of the interns as outlined in their program applications and as set forth in their T/IPPs. All parties involved in internship programs should recognize that interns are seeking entry-level training and experience. Accordingly, all placements must be tailored to the skills and experience level of the individual intern;
  • Notify sponsors promptly of any concerns about, changes in or deviations from T/IPPs during training and internship programs and contact sponsors immediately in the event of any emergency involving trainees or interns;
  • Abide by all federal, state and local occupational health and safety laws;
  • Abide by all program rules and regulations set forth by the sponsors, including the completion of all mandatory program evaluations;
  • Have sufficient resources, plant, equipment and trained personnel available;
  • Provide continuous on-site supervision and mentoring by experienced and knowledgeable staff; and
  • Ensure that interns obtain skills, knowledge, and competencies through structured and guided activities such as classroom training, seminars, rotation through several departments, on-the-job training, attendance at conferences and similar learning activities, as appropriate in specific circumstances.



prohibited training

  • Agricultural settings, such as farms or in wineries’ harvesting operations
  • Arcades
  • Bridal companies
  • Camps (consider our Camp USA program for camp positions)
  • Candy stores, mall kiosks, boardwalk booths, and stands
  • Convenience and grocery stores or superettes/mini-markets (consider our Work & Travel USA program for seasonal positions)
  • Call center, customer service, or phone operators, including tech and help desk support
  • Fast food or quick service restaurants or bakeries (consider our Work & Travel USA program for seasonal positions)
  • Fitness studios, gyms, pools, dance studios, personal training, or coaching
  • Garages
  • Gardens or parks
  • Gas stations or toll plazas
  • Landscaping companies
  • Pool management companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Retail stores or locations and boutiques
  • Schools and other instructional facilities, including coaching
  • Spas, salons, or dog grooming companies
  • Staffing agencies

required documents

All companies must also provide the following required documents/information:

  • Proof of a workers’ compensation policy or equivalent insurance that covers J-1 participants (or proof of exemption)
  • Either a DUNS number or copy of your business registration
    • Obtain your business registration
  • A Federal Identification Number


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    Information Media and Communications
    Management, Business, Commerce and Finance
    Public Administration and Law
    The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics and Industrial Occupations
    Hospitality and Tourism